DOLC CANIGO – Dulce de Leche with Canigou Fir Syrup

Confiture de lait au Sirop de sapin

Pot de 250g



With AALBA, our new product line “Les Douceurs du Canigou”, we’re beginning our journey into the sweet and delicate universe of catalan specialties.

The first product, the DOLC CANIGO Dulce de Leche is a deliciousness made with condensed milk and Canigou Fir Syrup.

Creamy, soft and flavored, our Dulce de Leche is perfect for well-beginning your day. You will be transported by its flavors to the slopes and paths of the Canigou, in Catalan Pyrenees.

If you’re hungry during the day, just spread it on a slice of toasted bread and it will go well with your coffe or tea.


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